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Verre Acrylic

We offer a measuring and fitting service for Verre Acrylic. If you'd rather measure and fit yourselves, we can provide you with fitting instructions and adhesive.

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What is Verre Acrylic?

Verre Acrylic is an acrylic polymer glass, which has been coated on the rear surface with a wide range of gloss and metallic solid colours. This gives a highly reflective colourful glass effect. The decorative surface and the rear surface have easily removable protective foils. Verre Acrylic is available in 4mm panel thickness.

Where can it be used?

Verre Acrylic can be installed into all vertically (generally wall and door) interior applications.

Because Verre Acrylic is 100% waterproof it is particularly suitable in domestic and commercial bathrooms, washrooms and wet rooms (such as shower walls, plumbing and urinal walls, bath panels, splashbacks and upstands.

Verre Acrylic can also be used in other commercial applications such as reception desk feature panels and feature wall panels where the decorative qualities of Verre Acrylic’s glass appearance can be used to good effect.

Benefits of Verre Acrylic?

• Verre Acrylic looks just like coloured glass, but is less expensive.

• Unlike glass it can be cut to size, drilled, edge polished and installed on site using standard working tools and skills. There is no need for time consuming templating.

• Unlike ceramic tiles, there are no unsightly, unhygienic and time consuming grout joints.

• Verre Acrylic is durable. It is 25 times more impact resistant than glass and so provides a safer product for you and your customers. Verre Acrylic will not shatter when hit with force and will not break when it is transported to the installation site.

• Verre Acrylic is 50% lighter than glass, making it much easier to handle.

• Verre Acrylic can be thermoformed into more acute and more gradual radii to create shapes.

• Verre Acrylic is non-toxic and so is a perfectly safe material.

• Verre Acrylic is 100% waterproof.

• Verre Acrylic is repairable in the unlikely event of damage. Scratches can be polished out.

• 10 year limited warranty.

• Verre Acrylic is environmentally friendly. It uses much less energy during production compared with glass and Verre Acrylic can also be recycled.

• Verre Acrylic offers a to-order RAL colour match and digital printing service.

• Verre Acrylic has a range of colour matched extrusions to assist installation.